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Our Guarantee to You is Simple: Should any of our Printer, Copier, Fax or Plotter Supplies cause a Problem with Your Print Device, We will Fix it for FREE!

We will Dispatch One of Our A+ Certified, Manufacture Trained Technicians Anywhere in the United States and Fix the Problem for FREE.

This Nationwide Guarantee Applies to all of our Laser Toner, Copier Toner, Maintenance Kit, and Thermal Printheads,

How Can We Fix Your Print Device For Free?

We were Established in 1981 on a Guarantee of Quality and have Confidence in our Products. We will stand behind any product that you purchase from us with our Nationwide Guarantee.

Laser Toner, Copier Toner and Maintenance Kits

  • Our Regular, Micr Toner Cartridges and Maintenance Kits are all  ISO 9001 Certified:
  • Twice a Year, an Independent Auditor Certified by the International Standards Organization comes to our Manufacturing Plants for an in depth Evaluation of our Quality Process.
  • Our Obsession with Quality has brought our Defect Rate to less than ONE Percent.
  • Our Toner Cartridges and Maintenance Kits are Made in the USA. Most New and Compatible Laser, Copier Toners and Maintenance Kits are now Built in China, Mexico and North Vietnam. Help Us Keep Jobs in America…

Our Thermal Printheads - BRAND New and built in the USA.

  • We Represent the Last Surviving USA Printhead Manufacturer. All other Printhead Manufacturers including the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are built Outside of the USA.
  • Our Printheads are Built using a Protective Diamond like Carbon (DLC) Coating. The Diamond like Coating will Protect the Printhead while most OEM Printheads do not use a Protective Coating.
  • Our Thermal Print head uses Thick Film Technology while most OEM Printheads will use Thin Film. The Thick Film Technology allows for a Reduction in Resistance and a Longer Life versus Pressure Contact Technology.

We Provide Nationwide Coverage for Laser, Copier, Impact Printer and Plotter Maintenance, Repair and Service

  • We currently Service over 3,000 business Locations which encompass over 20,000 print devices across the USA.
  • We are one of the Few Nationwide Printer Service Companies Certified for Secured Areas
  • We dispatch A+, Certified Manufacturer Trained Technicians to service HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Dell, Canon, Sharp, Brothers and Ricoh equipment.
  • Online Access to manage Your Service Calls, Anywhere in the USA.


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Hassle FREE, customer friendly product replacement and printer copier service.



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