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Troy MICR Check Printers

Troy Secure MICR check printers provide crisp image quality, economical operation and advanced security features. And, they're built around Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers, and serviced at your location.

Troy MICR Check Printers from Ganson:

  • Top Level Security
  • Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • On-Site Service

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Available Models

  • Troy MICR Check Printer 4014 Secure Check Printer 45 PPM
  • Troy MICR Check Printer 4015 Secure Check Printer 52 PPM
  • Troy MICR Check Printer 4515 Secure Check Printer 62 PPM


  • 3-position keylock
    (MICR On/MICR Locked/Printer Locked)
  • MICR Fonts, E-13B or CMC-7 resident in MICR printer
  • MICR font is hidden until activated in command stream
  • MICR activation and password
  • Paper lock trays
  • Automatic toner density adjustment
  • Toner low notification to ensure MICR print quality
  • Disable jam recovery (duplicate check prevention on paper jam)
  • User-selectable timeout
  • Built-in MICR calibration form


The Troy Secure MICR check printer models enable its user to have a fully secure printing environment. In addition to the features provided by the base model, the MICR Secure models add sensors for MICR toner detection and MICR toner level password protection, a 3-position keylock (MICR/MICR off/locked), and paper tray locks. The system also forces the user to deliberately enter a MICR activation mode before doing any MICR printing. All of these features are standard in Ganson’s Secure check printers.

Troy Secure MICR check printers are built to be shared. Based on the HP LaserJet family, they each have one Bi-directional parallel port, one serial port, two Enhanced I/O ports that may have network interface cards or accessories, and one extra port for any additional accessories.

Their speed of 17, 24, 32 & 40 ppm and high duty cycles also support sharing them among members of a workgroup or over a network. Printing is done on forms from 3.5" to legal size at 1200 x 1200dpi "double density" resolution. Memory Enhancement technology (MEt) enables the printing of complex graphics and scanned images directly from memory. These graphic images, plus overlay forms, signatures, logos, and MICR can be printed in a single pass.

The Troy Secure printer is capable of feeding from multiple paper drawers, so that different form sizes can be used alternately, and the fact that the stock is blank eliminates having to worry about protecting preprinted checks.

An additional level of protection is provided for recovering from paper jams, when the system automatically prevents the printing of a duplicate check. Embedded page imaging software is compatible with HP Enhanced PCL6 and 5e, and with PostScript Level 2, for extra flexibility. A library of 110 scalable fonts is included with the printers.

Troy MICR Check Printers from Ganson - Your Secure Check Printing Solution

Click Here for complete information and pricing on our Troy Secure MICR Check Printers.


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