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Print Analysis - You Cannot Manage what You Cannot Measure

  • Analyze and Audit Your Printing and Copying Levels
  • Maintain the Integrity and Security of Your Document Printing.
  • Review Your Printing Levels. Determine Who the Power Users are for Printing.
  • Review the Online Assessment of Your Printer and Copier. See Volume, Yield, and Coverage of Your Printers and Copiers.
  • Do You Know the Exact Number of Printers and Copiers at Your Company?
  • Understand Your Price to Print.
  • Determine which Printers to Use and How You Save Money without Affecting Employee Productivity?
  • Spot Printing Bottlenecks. Reroute Print Jobs to Lower Cost Printer Devices.
  • Manage and Measure Your Output Device Printing Costs Click here to Contact Our Printing Experts

Printing Monitor - By Monitoring Your Printers and Copiers Online in Real-time You Can:

  • Redirect Your Printing. Move High Output Printing from a High Cost to a Low Cost Printer or Copier.
  • Control the Cost to Print Color. Discover who is using the Color Printers and Copiers. Educate Your Users to Print Black and White instead of Color.
  • Teach Your Users to Reduce the Number of Color Pages Printed.
  • Teach Your Users to Become Environmentally Friendly by Reducing Waste. Encourage Your Users to Print on Both Sides of the Printed Page. Not only do You Reduce Waste, You Reduce the Price You Pay for Paper in Half.
  • Our Software is FREE Click here to Contact Our Print Software Pros

Print Assessment - Use our Print Audit Tool

  • With your help, we can load our Printer Audit Agent on a PC or Server. This is a one click software tool. We will simply need a starting IP address. There is very little network traffic and we don’t write to your printer.
  • Our Print Auditing Software will provide an analysis of all printers and copiers on your network. Do you know all of the printers connected to your network? Our software will discover these laser printers or copiers and the status of their print capabilities.
  • We can work with you to determine the most cost effective existing printer and/or copier to use.
  • We are different from most companies. We are not interested in selling you a new copier or the newest HP LaserJet printer. We want you to have the most Price Effective Printing Solution for your existing fleet of printers and copiers. We want to be part of that solution

Go Ganson Green - Help Save the Environment and Save the Endangered Green Dollar Bill.

  • Our Printer Audit Software is FREE! No Cost At All.
  • You Can See What We See. See Your Toner Yield, Current Coverage, and Cost To Print. Manage Your Print Costs, Everyday, Everywhere, All Locations and Real Time.
  • All We Ask: Use Our Toner and Copier Cartridges. Use Our Maintenance Kits. All of Our Products are ISO 9001 and Built in the USA. Go to our Online Store at: To See our Products and Prices.

Go Green - Go Ganson


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