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Check Software Solutions From Ganson

Whether it is check writing for your business, customers or expanding your business to include Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, Ganson has the software at the right price to help you succeed!

ChequeScribe 32 - Check Printing Software

ChequeScribe 32 is a secure, flexible and cost effective check printing software package that streamlines the payment process by printing checks, complete with MICR characters (the numbers found on the bottom of checks), secured amount fonts and encrypted digital signatures on to blank security check paper.

By merging payment details from your accounting system with pre-configured check templates within ChequeScribe 32, checks are printed exactly how you want them onto blank security check paper. The costs and inconvenience of maintaining stocks of preprinted check forms is eliminated.

ChequeScribe 32 goes beyond check design and printing. It also has advanced features that provide unparalleled security around the application. Features like password protection, check preview, encryption, audit and check limit, allow a use-defined, multi-layed security system that reduces user error and deters fraud.

ChequeScribe 32 is fully compliant with Check 21. ChequeScribe 32, together with the Ganson Check Printers can provide: Image replacement document (substitute checks), signature cards, MICR line positioning, security fonts, payee watermark, MICR keylocks, input tray locks, Control Panel Pin's per user, secure tray mapping, secure data transactions, and data stream encryption.

ChequeScribe 32 runs on an IBM compatible PC under Windows 98, 2000, XP & NT, and its easy-to-use interface makes it compatible with almost all accounting systems. Checks may be printed using most standard desktop laser printers equipped with MICR toner.

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ChequeScribe I - Check Printing Software for Financial Institutions

ChequeScribe I provides a cost-effective solution for financial institutions for secure, fast, and convenient production of professional looking MICR documents. The ability to provide personalized checks to new account holders immediately, along with official checks and loan coupons printed in the branch; reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

ChequeScribe I allows financial institutions to print personalized starter checks for personal and business clients as well as cashier's checks, money orders, and loan coupons. Branch information including the branch name, address, logo, and routing number are stored in the database.

For starter checks and loan coupons, customer information, including account number, is entered into an easy to use data screen and stored in the database in case they are needed for future use. Official checks are created similarly, but the payee is stored in a vendor database, separate from client data. The official check purchaser name can also be entered on these checks as well as an account number that official checks are issued from.

Documents can be previewed and beginning serial numbers specified prior to printing. Checks and loan coupons are printed onto perforated security check paper complete with MICR line and check numbers, using a desktop laser printer with MICR toner.

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