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ChequeScribe 32 - Check Printing Software

Efficient: Supports multiple companies & accounts. Use the same blank check paper for all accounts and check types.

Flexible: Change company, account, user and check information instantly.

Secure: No preprinted checks in the office, no unauthorized access to the software. ChequeScribe 32 is fully compliant with Check 21. ChequeScribe 32, together with the Ganson Check Printers can provide: Image replacement document (substitute checks), signature cards, MICR line positioning, security fonts, payee watermark, MICR keylocks, input tray locks, Control Panel Pin's per user, secure tray mapping, secure data transactions, and data stream encryption.

Easy: Seamless Integration with your accounting software

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Ganson's ChequeScribe 32 Check Printing Software

Take control of the way your company prints checks and enhance security at the same time. Using ChequeScribe 32, a Windows-based laser check printing software package, you are able to create checks in a secure, and cost effective manner.

Whether you print ten checks, a month or hundreds of checks a day, ChequeScribe 32 will streamline your payment process. Compatible with most financial software systems, ChequeScribe 32 merges accounting information with pre-configured electronic check templates and prints checks exactly how you want them onto blank security check paper. Simply import data from your existing accounts payable or payroll system and ChequeScribe 32 does the rest - complete with MICR characters (the numbers found on the bottom of checks), secured amount of fonts, and encrypted digital signatures.

Making the switch to the ChequeScribe 32 method of printing checks on-demand is one of the smartest moves you can make. You can control who has access to the check printing process and therefore eliminate worries about blank checks getting into the wrong hands. ChequeScribe 32 allows configuration and layout of an unlimited number of bank accounts and check styles, so you no longer need to order checks for multiple accounts.

ChequeScribe 32 Integrates seamlessly with popular accounting and payroll software packages. An intuitive and easy to use interface makes ChequeScribe 32 easy to use and learn. Although checks may be printed using most standard desktop laser printers equipped with MICR toner, for additional protection, we recommend security enhanced MICR laser printers. These printers feature both operational safe-guards and security enhancements.

Why ChequeScribe 32?
From Positive Pay file protection and multi-level passwords to fraud deterrent security fonts and signature encryption, ChequeScribe 32 sets the standard for secure, reliable, and cost-effective check printing.

ChequeScribe 32 is the only check processing solution your company needs for both scheduled check runs and interim payments.

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ChequeScribe 32 cuts overhead and operational expenses by:

  • Reducing supplies costs by eliminating the need for separate checks for multiple accounts.  Blank check stock can be used for any of the company accounts.
  • Providing the capability to print checks with ChequeScribe 32 automatically, allowing unattended check printing.
  • Allowing changes to be made to account information at any time, thus eliminating the need to purchase new checks when details change.
  • Streamlining the process of check printing, signing, bursting, and decollating into a single step
  • Minimized wasted stock by printing overflow pages onto plain paper from a different tray or printer.

ChequeScribe 32 sets the standard in security features:

  • Positive Pay - creates a reference file that is used by your bank to ensure that only authorized checks are cashed.
  • Multi-level signature limits - Chequescribe 32 facilitates one, two, or no signature(s) on a check depending on user-configurable signing limits.
  • Digital signature encryption - to prevent unauthorized usage, all signatures are encrypted and can only be used by the ChequeScribe 32 software. Activation of signatures with a signature card and magnetic card reader are optional for additional security.
  • Fully customizable operator privileges - management can configure operator privileges and control account access (e.g. A/P., Payroll), check signing privileges, etc.
  • Physical Security - a USB key prevents unauthorized usage of the software. Software access and check printing is impossible without the unique USB key.
  • Built-In Reporting - Audit and Archive Reporting provides information (including: check amount, number, date, payee name, and the user that printed the check run) based upon either the current batch of checks being printed or historical information.

Optional software modules:

  • ManualCheques - allows users to generate manual checks independent of the financial software system. This is an excellent solution for checks that need to be printed immeadiately
  • Reconciliation - allows users to keep track of outstanding checks by manually adding "Clear" or "Void" flags to check record in ChequeScribe 32, or automatically by importing an electronic file (containing a list of checks)

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Will ChequeScribe 32 work with our accounting software and our computer system?

YES ! ChequeScribe 32 has been designed to work with virtually all accounting systems, including customized accounting solutions. It simply picks up the data from your accounting system and modifies it for MICR laser check printing.

Is it easy to install ChequeScribe 32?

YES ! The ChequeScribe 32 installation wizard guides you through the installation process in less than 15 minutes. Entering your specific settings (such as Printer Setup) may take up to 15 minutes.

Can I use my existing office laser printer for check printing?

YES ! Most desktop laser printers can be used. All you need is a compatible magnetic ink toner cartridge (MICR), and the MICR fonts, which is supplied with ChequeScribe II. For higher security, a Ganson MICR laser printer is recommended.

Will checks be assigned a sequential serial number from my accounting system?

YES ! The check serial number is assigned by the accounting system. If you need to reprint a check as a result of a paper jam, the same serial number is printed so there are no reconciliation conflicts.

Can I buy MICR supplies from Ganson?

YES ! You can purchase a variety of MICR supplies from Ganson including, blank security check paper and original MICR toner cartridges for most laser printers.

Will our financial institution accept laser printed checks?

YES ! Today, checks are processed electronically by magnetic readers and sorters. These high speed machines process checks by reading the magnetic bank numbering (MICR line) located on the bottom of each check.

ChequeScribe II meets all American Banking Association (ABA), Canadian Banking Association (CBA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. There are over 1,200 ChequeScribe systems in use to date.

Are the signatures really secure?

YES ! Signatures are created using an encrypted process that allows only authorized ChequeScribe 32 users to print them. For added security, specially programmed magnetic signature cards may be used to transmit authorization for signature printing through a card reader attached to the PC.

Can I add or change bank accounts myself?

YES ! It only takes a minute for authorized staff to add new companies and accounts. Simply enter new information, including bank account numbers, into the ChequeScribe 32 data entry screen.

Check printing software by Ganson - your secure check printing solution.


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