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Virtual Office

Accram’s proprietary, internet based, feet on the street management tool is called Virtual office. (VO). Virtual offices provides real time and historical information on scheduling, requests, parts, and consigned inventory.

You can schedule our Accram team, anywhere in the country, for any location. You can decide how to set up your virtual office scheduling screen. We can set up your monitoring system by geographical location, area of responsibility, or department.

The main areas of our virtual office system is appointment scheduling, location tracking, and root cause analysis.

Appointment scheduling provides you the opportunity to see the current status of each and every service call. You can choose when and how to see emails. Please click here to see an example of scheduling a service call on virtual office.

Location tracking provides historical data to see all service requests and invoices for any date period you desire. You decide how you want to view this data. You can look at a single location or all locations together. Please click here to see how our location tracking provides you with a historical perspective on service.

Root Cause Analysis provides a graphical trend analysis. You can choose the failure points you want to see. Many of our clients choose to look at different printer types. In root cause, you can see how many service calls were performed by type of failure point. You can compare this data against the prior month or prior year. Please click here to see how our root cause analysis can serve you.

Virtual Office is your tool for managing our service. You can track and evaluate our performance, all the time, real time.


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